Connect with your emotions

Likes, clicks and time spent online shifted our focus to looking outside for feedback. We measure success based on the external while losing track of what’s happening inside. Kouo changes this with emphasis on value rather than quantity, real engagement rather than doom-scrolling, and by making the first tool that can measure our emotional wellbeing.

Supported by science driven by passion

We built Kouo in partnership with world-leading institutes and scientists to ensure our passion for change is supported by decades of knowledge and research.

Your emotions have the power to change the world –

Our emotions sit at the centre of who we are. The way we feel about ourselves, the way we relate to our partners, colleagues, family and friends, and the way we make decisions are all impacted by our emotions.

Recognising their importance only seems logical and with it we can start consciously shifting our habits and routines that do not serve us correctly. Until now, we measured our well-being based on physiological metrics and everything outside of that, for the most part, remained unexplained and negligible.

However, everything we do affects our emotional worlds and in turn, our emotions affect how we operate in the world. Kouo believes that building tools around our emotional needs, tools that can adapt to us and ones that consider our overall well-being will not only change the life of the individual but change the way we think about online content, apps and the way we use digital applications to improve our and the lives of others.

So we’ve built a tool to help you change it consciously

By helping people measure and understand their emotions, we can shift how we look at sports performance, mindfulness, health and education. We can develop better products and content, focusing on the needs of the individual and providing them with insights that support them on their journey.

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