How to integrate

Integrate it easily into any workflow

Using nothing more than code snippets, Kouo is easy to integrate and manage.

Easy integration, instant results.

Integrate into your workflow or content.
Adapt it to your needs.

Integrate into workflows

Deploy in the backend and develop more engaging, valuable and loved content using the insights you gain.

Integrate into content

Frontend deployment allows users to get more out of your content and to enjoy never before seen experiences.

Adapt it to your needs

Use the data the way it suits your best. Work with our team to adapt Kouo’s toolkit to your needs.

Empower your product teams with adaptive tools

Speed up development processes by direct insights into user emotions.

Deep Analytics
Emotion-responsive Tools
Real-time Insights

Engage users with better content

Create content that feels unique and personal to the users.

Uninterrupted Feedback
Greater Support
Unique Experiences

Adapt it to your needs

With Kouo you have the ability to focus on the data and features that matter most to you.

Combine features

Combine Kouo’s best features to aid you in your product and content development process.

Dive deeper

Dive deeper in the data points most valuable to your users.

Build your tools

Create dashboards that reflect your team’s needs and speed up development processes.

Kouo helps us improve product and user retention through deeper personalisations and shortens our testing times. The insights on why users behave as they do allow our teams to develop new features faster than before.

Ben Whately
CSO & Co-Founder

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