Kouo for content

Create dynamic content that evolves with users

Create hyper-immersive content with dynamic story arcs, environment changes and interactions that feel human-like.

Respond to user emotions.

Interactions that adapt to user moods.
Content that changes with emotions.

Human-like interactions

Create content that understands and responds to the users’ emotions.

Immersive Experiences

Develop fully adaptive experiences to create highly immersive experiences based on emotional feedback.

unparalleled interactivity

Create novel, and human-like interactions that can understand and respond to user needs.

Authentic responses

Truly authentic responses that match the user’s moods and states.

Endless options

Stories that change with how users choose to interact with the content.

Real evolution

No two experiences can be the same with continuous evolution in response to user moods and states.

Take immersive experiences to the next level

Create immersive experiences that reflect and respond to psychological and emotional changes in the users.

Digital Avatars

Authentic digital avatars that change states with user moods and emotions change.

Dynamic Environments

Let environments reflect back mood and state changes to create true, content diversity.

Responsive Difficulty

Adjust difficulty and complexity to challenge or help relax users.

Kouo helps us improve product and user retention through deeper personalisations and shortens our testing times. The insights on why users behave as they do allow our teams to develop new features faster than before.

Ben Whately
CSO & Co-Founder

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