Connect with users when they need you most

Improve the way you connect with users through understanding when they need you, helping them better engage with your content.

More valuable connections.

Find the right moments to engage with your users.
Adapt the experience to their needs.

Smart Notifications

Send notifications when users feel ready to act on them.

Dynamic launch

Adjust content difficulty on launch to help users better engage with your content.

Know when to interact with users

To encourage better habit formation and to avoid overwhelming your users, Kouo can help you find the right times to send important notifications.


Deliver notifications at the right time for individual users.

Deep insights

Define delivery cadence and metrics based on content goals.

Real-life connections

Learn from your users and continually adapt to their needs so content always delivers value.

Adapt difficulty for better results

To engage users adapt difficulty of content according to the individual's needs.

Sentiment insights

Understand how to improve the launch experience.

Performance data

Learn how to improve content engagement through data into individual performance

Real-time adaptability

Adapt to your users day-to-day and moment-to-moment for better results.

Kouo helps us improve product and user retention through deeper personalisations and shortens our testing times. The insights on why users behave as they do allow our teams to develop new features faster than before.

Ben Whately
CSO & Co-Founder

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