Create flows that adapt to people’s needs

Gain insight into how people feel about your product and adapt it to deliver more value to the users.

Understand what works.

Adapt your content using real user satisfaction measures.
Personalise content to suit the individual.

Respond to the user

Create flow adaptations to deliver more value to the individual users.

Understand the ‘why?’

Get real emotion data back on each building block of your product.

Develop better flows to retain users

Take personalisation to the next level and deliver more value with flow changes that adapt to the user.

Always on

Deploy unique user flows throughout the day according to the individual’s moods and states.

Increasing value

Analyse sentiment data from new flows and deliver even more value with each iteration.

Pattern analysis

Deploy similar flows to match similar matching in-app behavioural patterns and reduce iteration time.

Make better decisions based on better insights

Understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’, compare results and get real sentiment data on each building block of your product.

Granular Insights

Gain real-time sentiment insights on every part of your product’s user flow.

Improved Testing

Cut testing times in half with robust and adaptable sentiment analysis.

Kouo helps us improve product and user retention through deeper personalisations and shortens our testing times. The insights on why users behave as they do allow our teams to develop new features faster than before.

Ben Whately
CSO & Co-Founder

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