Gain insights into your UX without running a single survey

Get real-time insights into the user experience with emotion analytics and tailor your content and apps to resonate with users.

Kouo emotion analytics dashboard showing emotion insights into Engagement, Churn, Conversion, Heatmaps
Kouo for teams

Enable seamless collaboration

Kouo streamlines the workflows of your teams, offering powerful insights and a unified understanding of user experiences.

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Increase user satisfaction

Identify user pain points and delights efficiently and develop more user-centric features to enhance engagement. Test faster, create better targeted iterations, predict market reception using emotional insights and create more effect product launches and strategies.

Product Managers improving product
Image of Kouo Emotion Analytics showing the different emotional reactions user have to variations of the same content.
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Streamline research for effective outcomes

Track emotional responses to products and gain key insights into user experiences immediately. Deepen your understanding of user needs & motivations, enhance remote testing with emotional data, and make design decisions with predictive insights.

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Image of Kouo Platform: Heatmap view of emotional reactions to every section of a digital product and app
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Foster genuine connections

Create more resonant marketing campaigns and content, predict market reception during soft launches, and develop smarter launch strategies with insights into user emotion. Align your marketing efforts with your users’ actual needs, improving brand perception.

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Get quantified user motivation insights

Gain a rich understanding of your users and make more informed decisions using quantified emotional insights for user feedback. With it, you can refine commercial strategies, improve sales predictions, fine-tune segmentation and optimise pricing.

Image of Kouo platform showing positive and negative user experience chart showing real-time user experience data

Gain the insights you need. Faster

Get to the heart of user experiences with Kouo’s real-time emotion analytics and get clear product and user insights in minutes.

Image of Kouo platform: Chart showing emotion trend of users who churned and who haven't over a period of 7 days
Screenshot of Kouo feature showing Average Emotional mix that leads to churn

Understand the drivers of user behaviour

Leverage live emotional insights for automated user emotion analytics and pinpoint key experiences driving conversion, engagement and retention.

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Emotion Heatmaps

Access clear user insights with a heatmap of user reactions to every part of your product.

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Content Analysis

Track how emotional responses to content change over time.

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Product Insights

Understand how user trends affect metrics and know how to improve them.


Build effective engagement strategies

Identify the emotions that drive open rates in your segments and create push notification campaigns using those emotional triggers.

Image of Kouo's notification creation tool highlighting notification triggered logic  based on emotional states.
Graphic of a mockup notification that shows how you can engage with users at the right time. The notification reads: You're in an ideal state to learn Italian. Do a quick session now to achieve your goals
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Emotion-Responsive Notifications

Know the ideal moments to deliver notifications to your users based on their preferences and readiness.

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Intelligent Recommendations

Understand what content works and when for your users and improve personalisation.

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Granular Engagement Insights

Understand the impact of push notifications and identify key trends in engagement.

Measurable impact

See what industry leaders say about Kouo

People have strong emotional responses to products and those are the products that stick. With Kouo you have this ability where as a product manager you can see these responses instantly. People’s reactions are made visible, you already track what they do in your product so you can start connecting the dots.

Image of Ben Carey, Chief Strategy Officer, Pendo
Ben Carey
Chief Strategy Officer, Pendo

This is a new class of data being provided to an industry (product analytics) that has been stuck with the same data for over a decade.

Image of Oji Odezue. Chief Product Officer, Typefrom
Oji Udezue
CPO, Typeform

Kouo is giving us insights we wouldn’t otherwise have. Our product is now metrics and data-driven. It’s matched with the drivers of retention and given us the link to monetisation. We would not have tried to optimise the content beyond our own subjective judgment.

Image of Ben Whately. Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Memrise
Ben Whatley
CSO & Co-Founder, Memrise

Gain insights into your UX without running a single survey

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