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People have strong emotional responses to products and those are the products that stick. With Kouo you have this ability where as a product manager you can see these responses instantly. People’s reactions are made visible, you already track what they do in your product so you can start connecting the dots.

Image of Ben Carey, Chief Strategy Officer, Pendo
Ben Carey
Chief Strategy Officer, Pendo

This is a new class of data being provided to an industry (product analytics) that has been stuck with the same data for over a decade.

Image of Oji Odezue. Chief Product Officer, Typefrom
Oji Udezue
CPO, Typeform

Kouo is giving us insights we wouldn’t otherwise have. Our product is now metrics and data-driven. It’s matched with the drivers of retention and given us the link to monetisation. We would not have tried to optimise the content beyond our own subjective judgment.

Image of Ben Whately. Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Memrise
Ben Whatley
CSO & Co-Founder, Memrise
Your questions, answered

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I integrate Kouo?

Kouo works with a simple SDK that is easy to install and only requires 30 minutes for one developer to integrate into your product.

How many people use wearables?

Quite a bit more than you’d think. Between 40-60% of all smartphone users have a wearable device that streams the data Kouo uses to infer emotions.

Do all my users need to have wearable devices or share data?

Not at all. With Kouo, even if only a small percentage of your users have wearables or data sharing enabled, you gain real-time and reliable insights into the user experience at higher volumes than with surveys or any other UXR method. Oh, and it’s a lot less effort on your end, as you don’t need to design, send out and then interpret survey results and feedback.

How effective are insights based on emotional data?

Emotional insights used to improve content and product experiences reliably provide a +20% uplift in key metrics like retention and engagement across the first 90 days.

Are people willing to share wearable data?

Simply put, yes. 60-90% of people with a wearable would share data if it meant better features, experiences and insights.

How do you ensure data privacy?

Data from users is always anonymised and actual wearables data is stored on the user's device by the operating system’s health kit (Apple, Google or other AndroidOS health kits). This ensures the highest level of data security and ensures users always have full control over their data.