Test and validate your ideas in hours

Overlay emotional data across your user attributes or behaviours and analyse the impact of your content.


Identify the emotional states that drive acquisition

Know the ideal emotional states for users to download your app and the types of content that lead to successful onboarding.

Screenshot of Kouo feature showing Average Emotional mix that leads to churn
Image of Kouo's emotion analytics: Chart showing top content and the emotional reactions people had to it.
Screenshot of Kouo's platform feature showing the main emotion that leads to conversions.

Know when to convert your users to a premium plan

Understand the impact of content that drivers purchase and improve conversion rates by improving user flows.


Understand how your content affects engagement

Analyse the performance of your content over time and identify the experiences that drive customer engagement.

Image of Kouo platform: Chart showing the focus trend of users who stay engaged vs who disengage from lessons
Image of Kouo platform: Feature showing lowest performing content for engagement.
Image of Kouo Emotion Analytics showing the different emotional reactions user have to variations of the same content.
Screenshot of engagement trend feature showing the engagement levels of different versions of the same video during emotional AB testing.

Create better relationships with your users

Understand the emotional states driving customer loyalty and the content that elevates loyalty to maximise retention.

Measurable impact

See what industry leaders say about Kouo

People have strong emotional responses to products and those are the products that stick. With Kouo you have this ability where as a product manager you can see these responses instantly. People’s reactions are made visible, you already track what they do in your product so you can start connecting the dots.

Image of Ben Carey, Chief Strategy Officer, Pendo
Ben Carey
Chief Strategy Officer, Pendo

This is a new class of data being provided to an industry (product analytics) that has been stuck with the same data for over a decade.

Image of Oji Odezue. Chief Product Officer, Typefrom
Oji Udezue
CPO, Typeform

Kouo is giving us insights we wouldn’t otherwise have. Our product is now metrics and data-driven. It’s matched with the drivers of retention and given us the link to monetisation. We would not have tried to optimise the content beyond our own subjective judgment.

Image of Ben Whately. Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Memrise
Ben Whatley
CSO & Co-Founder, Memrise