Uncover the truth behind customer behaviour

Overlay emotional data across your user attributes or behaviours and analyse the impact of your content.

Improve customer engagement with emotion analytics


Identify the optimal emotional states for customers to download your application, and the types of content that lead to successful onboarding.


Understand the emotional impact of content that drivers purchasing behaviour, how to improve conversion rates and optimise the location of your paywall.


Analyse the performance of your content over time and the types of experiences that drive customer engagement.


Understand the impact of emotional states on customer loyalty, which types of content to deliver and for how long, to maximise retention.

Kouo is giving us insights we wouldn’t otherwise have. Our product is now Metrics and Data-driven. It’s matched with the drivers of retention and given us the link to monetisation. We would not have tried to optimise the content beyond our own subjective judgment.

Ben Whately
CSO & Co-Founder

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Transform the way you interpret customer behaviour.