Building the future on empathy

Kouo integrates emotions into technology, enabling deeper connections between individuals and companies. With Kouo, users enjoy content that meets their needs, while businesses save time and resources by reducing experimentation and eliminating unused features.

Factoid image: Kouo enables 20% better retention with its user insights
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Image of Kouo's founder, Elias Benussi, Shaan Bassi and Keidi Kapllani

From product builders for product builders

Have you ever wondered how your users truly feel about your product? We have too. After spending years building products we’ve come across a huge problem; there was no way to understand how the people we were building for felt about our products. We jumped through hoops using analytics and indirect insights like time-on-page or clicks, and spent weeks on surveys & interviews sifting through hard-to-interpret feedback, and still, we didn’t get closer to the truth. So as an answer to this never-ending issue, we created Kouo, a tool that can measure emotions in real-time as people interact with products. It does so without disrupting their user experience while eliminating bias, automating feedback, and thus empowering product builders to meet real user needs

Great products are about great experiences

Technology enabled companies to surpass the limitations of human curation and personalisation. Giants like Spotify and Netflix use advanced AI and ML algorithms that suggest content to millions of people. But despite their sophistication, these algorithms often overlook the human aspect of what makes us like or dislike something – our emotions – and fail to meet user expectations.

Emotions were left out of products because until now, we couldn't accurately measure them. Kouo changes this by integrating technology with human emotion, enhancing interactions, content, and experiences.

For companies, Kouo offers accurate insights into user sentiment about products and content, enabling them to respond to genuine user needs.

For people, Kouo enriches their digital experiences and tailors experiences to align with their evolving tastes or goals. Understanding what works for an individual user also cuts down on digital noise from irrelevant notifications and interactions, delivering a truly human-centred experience with content that resonates and excites.

We firmly believe that the essence of great products lies in exceptional experiences and our mission at Kouo is to enable these experiences by empowering product builders to meet our most fundamental human need: the need to be understood.

Gain insights into your UX without running a single survey

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