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Content companies grapple with slow user feedback and high-risk feature prioritisation. We're redefining the landscape with bias-free user insights using data from wearables – no user input necessary.

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Clear insights

Fast and intuitive user insights

Kouo’s AI platform converts wearable data into five distinct emotions. This enables companies to gain rapid insights and make improved decisions based on real-time user reactions to content, user flows, features, and more.

Automated feedback

Reliable and automated feedback

Our bodies naturally express emotions through physiological responses such as heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, and muscle tension. These responses, overseen by the Autonomic Nervous System, are monitored by everyday wearables. When integrated into your product, Kouo translates this raw data from wearables into emotions.

Graphics over a photo showing a person with heart rate, heart rate variability and blood oxygen as it is changing while he's using a digital product.
Diagram illustrating the process of identifying emotions from different biological signals, this case breathing rate and heart rate
groundbreaking Processes

Deeper more meaningful connections to your users

Kouo's platform analyses wearable data for changes in heart rate, perspiration levels, and other responses. Once this data is refined through mathematical abstractions, it is fed into complex algorithms that transform it into identifiable emotions.

With algorithms uniquely trained on wearable and neural imaging data, we lead in emotion analysis from wearables

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Built on scientific foundations

Kouo's algorithms, the foundation of our technology, have been developed through rigorous research at Imperial College London and Oxford University. This work was further enhanced through collaboration with premier partners spanning from neuroscience to product development.

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Imperial College London
UKRI Innovate UK
Oxford University
London South Bank University
Central Research Laboratory
Google for Startups

Over 1.1Bn connected devices

As the number of connected devices grows, it's the ideal time to revolutionise product development with better user insights and personalisations. Kouo empowers companies to seamlessly integrate human-centred design approaches at scale.